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*Heard about telemedicine and remote healthcare, but not exactly sure what it is or if it’s right for you? Here’s what you need to know.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine uses technology (normally computers, laptops and phones) to enable doctors and healthcare professionals to have consultations with patients without the patient being in the room/ surgery.

It is a real-time conversation but the patient doesn’t need to leave their home. Think of it like a Skype or Facetime chat (but MUCH more secure!)

Telemedicine was initially used when video calls were invented to allow patients in remote communities to access a doctor when they needed to. Since then, it has become one of the safest and most time-effective methods of providing healthcare to an ever-growing population.


What are the benefits of telemedicine?

There are HUGE benefits of telemedicine, both for you as the medical professional and for your patient.

In this current climate, where it can be dangerous for people with viral illnesses to leave their home, being able to communicate and offer advice to them is hugely advantageous.

It protects other people from them and allows your patient to rest and recover at home without needing to come to the surgery.

On a personal level, the less you are exposed to infectious people, the less risk you have of catching anything yourself- allowing you to continue helping patients.


Who is telemedicine for?

Telemedicine is for every G.P or doctor who can consult, discuss and interact with the majority of their patients online. If you normally

Of course, there will be some cases where you will need to book a physical appointment in order to give a more thorough diagnosis- but the number of physical appointments you should do will be greatly reduced with telemedicine.

What is needed for telemedicine?

For a successful telemedicine consultation, you need:

  • A secure online telemedicine system (like Cigma care)
  • An internet connection
  • a video device (laptop camera, phone camera)
  • a speaker/ microphone (usually in the laptop/ phone)

How does telemedicine work?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how a telemedicine system works once it’s set-up:

  • The patient registers on your telemedicine website or the app(which is BRANDED with your information so the patient knows who they are dealing with)
  • They select the doctor they wish to book with, and the time/ date
  • Appointments can either be manually approved or automatically approved- you decide
  • That appointment is now on the system, where you can see it, access their records and prepare for the call
  • A few minutes before the booked time, the patient logs into the website/ app and waits for you. They can test their video and microphone settings so they are ready to go
  • At the appointment time, you click the relevant button to start the live video and begin consultation
  • You can talk in real-time, using video, take photos, share prescriptions and much more.


Are telemedicine consultations free?

Usually, online consultations have a fee attached. However, you can choose how much they cost and how your patients can pay.

Is telemedicine right for YOU?

Intrigued? Would you like to see a LIVE demonstration and talk to someone about how telemedicine could work for you?

Contact us here- we’re happy to help answer all your questions.

Telemedicine FAQs:

Is telehealth and telemedicine the same thing?

Telemedicine and telehealth are terms often used interchangably to mean offering remote online healthcare. However, if you want to be technical, telehealth is a broader term used to cover a variety of online health services. Telemedicine is one branch of telehealth.

Is telemedicine secure?

One of the things which sets our telemedicine software, Cigma Care, above other systems on the market, is our online security. Our parent company maintains software for some of the biggest healthcare providers in the world. You can be assured that yours and your patients data will be totally secure.

Feel free to talk to us about your concerns and we can give you a more thorough demonstration of our system.