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What can Cigma Care offer you?


Register and choice your specified Doctor or Surgeon

Create your free account in a matter of minutes with our easy and quick sign up process.

Text, Video or Book Appointments to see your Doctor

Our easy to use system allows you to book and confirm appointments with ease

Everything you need in one place

Update your medical records, add subscriptions, update your journal. Everything you need can be found in our simplistic, private and secure system

Health Trackers

ogs of your vital signs: blood pressure, blood glucose, pulse, O2 level, temperature; health condition indicators like HbA1c, TSH, cholesterol, Hb levels, mood, pain etc; general wellbeing trackers of sleep, exercise and food;

Your Medical Records

View and upload medical reports in image, PDF and DICOM formats

Your Health Profile

Current Medications, Known Health Conditions, Allergies, Contraindications, Family Medical History, Social History, Record of Surgeries, Vaccinations and Past Hospitalizations.

iHealth integration

Our Cigma Care App also fully integrates with the iHealth Smart glucometer, which is integrated with the Blood Glucose tracker for ease of use

Upload your medical reports

Share your health issues with our doctors online. Every health issue is answered by expert MDs.

Text Consultations

Have a question about your medication or some symptoms that are troubling you? Ask your healthcare providers what you need to know. Attach photos or test reports.

Video Consultations

A convenient way to talk with your healthcare providers, when an in-person consultation is not needed.

Book appointments for clinic and online consultations and manage rescheduling
Pay bills for healthcare services by your provider
Receive important notifications from your healthcare provider’s practice
Read useful health information shared by your provide

Personalised and dedicated care from your healthcare providers
Helps save time on unnecessary travel; No need to take time off from work
Anytime access to your own health data
Secure and convenient way to access your provider’s services
Collaborating better in your own care is likely to help you stay on track with treatments