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Telemedicine software you can trust

Telemedicine allows doctors, physios and other healthcare professionals to offer diagnosis & advice to their patients online. By offering face-to-face appointments over secure video, you can assess, prescribe and talk to your patients in real-time, just as if they were in the room. It's the perfect way to save time and offer better care to the people you treat.

Online healthcare needn't be complicated

You've got important things to do and no time to learn a new system. That's why the Cigma Care telemedicine software is easy to set-up, intuitive and secure at every level. We stand apart from other telehealth systems as we guarantee complete patient confidentiality, offer personalised branding to ensure patient trust, provide secure record storage and easy appointment management. There's also a compatible app so you can offer even more options to your patients.

Start offering online healthcare today

Find out how easy it is to start offering remote consultations to your patients or clients today

The Virtual Practice
Think telemedicine and remote healthcare will be complicated? Think again. Our virtual practice can be customised to make your life easier

Video Consultation

Consult with patients- the easy way. Telemedicine video calls allow initial and follow-up appointments, in complete privacy, wherever they may be. A great way for elderly patients or those unable to visit the surgery to be seen

Complete customisation

Your entire online healthcare system will be branded with your practice logo and information, as well as staff photos. Online trust is essential for telemedicine to work effectively and your patients need to know it's still you they're talking to


We help you keep track of your busy schedule and manage your time. Online appointment scheduling for staff and instant booking for patients, as well as status updates to show cancellations and prevent wasted time.

Patient Questions

Answer questions from patients- easily, effectively and online. A great way to help your patients with concerns they may have about their health or medication, as well as giving the patient a written reminder to refer back to.

Telemedicine App

Want to make things even easier? We now offer a telemedicine app, so both you and your patients can consult from anywhere. Created with the same high security as the website, it's a perfect way to connect

Billing & Reports

Keep track of your online practice. Collect payments, manage billing and create reports. Our telemedicine software makes it easy to keep on top of the paperwork and identify what's working best for your practice.
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Quality healthcare starts with happy doctors. Let us support you

We guarantee the Cigma Care telemedicine system can help make your practice easier and safer. Let us show you how.

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